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“Being better than yesterday is more important, than being better than our competitors”


“Being better than yesterday is more important, than being better than our competitors”

About us

The group of companies belonging to the Corporation are fully owned by family equity and operates in different markets and industries. Since its foundation in 2.004, the Group´s main objective has been to create value added to the industries where it participates and invests. Those are real estate management, real estate development, retail, foodservice and international trading of raw materials.

Real Estate Investment

The main goal of this division is to acquire, manage actively and rotate selectively commercial quality real estate assets classified as Value Add, mainly in the Canary Islands. The main assets are commercial locations and houses for long-stay letting.

A qualified team takes care of studying and analysing the assets to be acquired as well as when to be put back in the market once they are mature.

Oir Vital - Grupo Toba

Local comercial propiedad de la Compañía ubicado en Triana,
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Under the Allday brand, the company manages convenience stores in the island of Gran Canaria. Each of them is adapted to the demand as some are inside large hotels. The offer is to satisfy Spanish as well as Norther Europe tourism.

All Day Supermarket

Supermarket located inside the Buenaventura hotel, IFA Hotels, by Lopesan Hotel Group.

Fish Cans (Shelf-stable products)

ITF logo

ITF is the company in charge of marketing shelf-stable products in Spain, as well as exporting them to Europe and Africa. Its large procurement network in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Spain provides its client portfolio with the highest quality product at very competitive prices.

The Group´s vast experience in the raw materials trading industry gives ITF a privileged position against its competitors as it uses its own raw materials to produce its final consumer product range.

Under the brands of Seatoba and Marafri, ITF markets its products in retail, foodservice and industry formats.


ITF offers its pouch range in 1Kg as well as 6 kg for the industrial sector. According to the client´s specifications, the company hold a catalogue of 6 references of tuna and light tuna in vegetable oil.


ITF offers a wide range of formats in tuna, light tuna and albacore either in vegetable oil or olive oil.

a) Foodservice formats

The main available formats are: RO-900 y RO-785.

b) Supermarket and Cash & Carry formats

The main available formats are: 3 Pack (RO-85), Pack de 6 (RO-85), RO-85, OL-120, OL-240, B-250, T-400.

With a long history in the international business scene, the Group´s founder has continued with the family commercial activity born from strong commercial relations with South-East Asian and European partners. The company is very active in the procurement and marketing of raw materials for the canning industry in Europe and Asia.

Comercio Internacional - Grupo Toba

Raw Material unloading at port

Raw material size and quality classification

Comercio Internacional 3 - Grupo Toba

Precooked tuna loin production for the canning industry

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C/ Constantino nº3 – Planta 1ª  35.002, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

+34 828 907 668

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